When Suga decides to live an honest life with Marlon, she finds trouble at every turn. Suga finds that she can no longer outrun her past. Just when she decides that her family is more important than her selfish agenda, it may be too late. She is put in a position that forces her to look deep within. She finally comes to the realization that she has to change her ways, but not without paying the price.

When Marlon discovers that Suga has gone missing, he turns to his best friend, Dee for help. He questions if Suga really set him up for murder and abandoned him. Santé and Linwood both show up unexpectedly and joins forces with Marlon to find Suga. Marlon is unaware that the greatest threat is right under his nose as he struggles to trust those around him.

Suga and Marlon face their biggest obstacle yet. They both have to learn to forgive, trust and love each other. When truths are revealed, will they be able to survive?

Greed, betrayal, and murder intertwine in this tale of Karma’s Kiss.

© 2019 by Snook